mohw cant install

Enlisted: 2013-03-29
2013-03-29 12:19
I just bought medal of honour warfighter, when I put the disc in it prompts me to autorun, after opening it I installed origin and updated it. Then registered the game and when I click install on the Mohw setup it opens origin and wants me to download a 16, 764.07Mb file through origin and I'm guessing it's the full game? I have the discs why can I not just open the disc and install ? Seriously considering returning it please help ASAP
DE Enlisted: 2012-10-11
2013-03-29 13:11
As far as I have heard it indeed asks for download but will instead install from the disk... Though I'm not sure, just try out.
AU Enlisted: 2012-07-25
2013-04-08 05:41
i am having the same problem i throw in the disk it says install so i click it then it opens origin and i had to download a 10GB download probably the game now it says i need to install game but everytime i try and install it just opens up origin and does fuck all i am seriously considering smashing my disks seriously WTF guys this is fucking annoying. please help
DE Enlisted: 2012-10-11
2013-04-08 09:08
There were two huge patches, each several GB, and if you have Limited Edition you might also have to download the DLC, also some GB. Those patches might have been the downloads.